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About Me

The bite-sized version…

My love for art started as a child – I’d spend hours copying animals from wildlife books. At school I excelled in art and the other drawing-based subjects including the more technical ones. Which is just as well because it’s fair to say I struggled academically!

Fast forward through art college, working in advertising agencies, family life and a wedding photography business and here I am back doing what I love.

Read on to find out about all my adventures along the way or just jump to my Gallery to see some of my work…

The full story...

Post school I attended Medway Art College where I studied Graphic Illustration for 4 years. This included photography (more of that later) and I achieved an HND.

After college my first job was in London at an advertising studio. However, despite it being the trendy (at the time) 80’s in a capital full of Yuppies I soon realised the ‘Big Smoke’ wasn’t for me and I secured a position at a well-known Kent advertising studio where I was paid to just draw all day! Heaven!

At this point computers in the workplace were still unheard of and certainly not able to produce fine art as required by newspapers and magazines of the day. It was a busy, enjoyable period and Graphic Artists like me were thriving.

Then… family happened. That saw me take a break from the workplace and circumstances didn’t see me return to corporate life for 6-7 years, by which time computers had firmly arrived and fine art pictures could be produced with the dab of a few buttons and the click of a mouse – not my kind of art!

In 2008 my husband (James) and I decided to relocate from North Kent to Rye, along with our youngest son who was 3. I was now ready to get back into work, even if it was part-time.

Then a wedding photographer friend of mine asked me to shoot a small wedding for her – she had booked it but couldn’t now attend. James and I decided we could do it. So with one camera, James’s confidence, his ability to organise and my ‘eye’ for a good photo, we shot our first wedding. What followed was a 12-year career as a successful photographer shooting weddings all over the UK and as far afield as Italy!

Then COVID! Weddings stopped abruptly, James was working full-time as a Firefighter and I was at home all day every day. Like many others this really made me take stock and re-evaluate my career and life. I took up art again, for hours on end every day and fell back in love with it. That was it, a decision was made and I wound the wedding business down. The rest, as they say, is history!

I am back enjoying my true passion – my love for nature and animals is reflected in most of my work and, if you look closely, you’ll see an animal in just about every piece I produce!

Debbie x

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